• A friend of mine went to the doctor for being tired all the time. He thought he drank too much coffee. When he sweetened his coffee with honey, no problem. So maybe there is a sweet alternative like honey. I suppose it metabolizes more slowly than sugar.
  • YES! I ate sugar yesterday and I'm still alive! Seriously though I truly sympathize! Sugar would be very hard to give up! I use stevia to help me cut back on sugar. I've read that after the first two weeks it gets easier. But the thing with high blood sugar is that it's not just sugar, but anything that is converted into sugar through digestion like alcohol and starches as well! Ugh! Blood sugar can also be reduced through exercise, weight loss, drinking lots of water, eating more fiber, portion control, using vinegar, fenugreek, there is a mineral involved - sry don't remember which one, getting plenty of sleep and reducing stress. Hang in there! I know it's difficult!

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