• They went through most of the chief export of Columbia.
    • CosmicWunderkind
      You mean like go-gain?
  • They are not my cup of tea, but they express themselves through their own particular style of music. It doesn't necessarily mean they went through anything in particular.
  • I'm not sure your question is specific enough. Aerosmith has a long history. You could be asking about their comeback period and more recent years, or you could be wanting to know about how they started out as a band. Well, they're from a town outside of Boston. They were kids getting out of school and wanting to do music. They played clubs and suffered at first. Steven Tyler (lead vocal) carried around a demo tape of Dream ON (the song they felt was destined to be a hit). I'm not sure how exactly they got from there to a hit record (first one was Dream On, featuring that song on the tape. I guess he got the demo to the right place, eh?). Then the Get Your Wings album was released in '74. I was a young teen then, and oh that was one of the first albums I bought when I was old enough to be buying records finally. It was followed by Toys In The Attic which was loved, but not by me. But the fourth album ("Rocks") WAS GREAT! Then, they ruined themselves being loaded all the time, and everything they did for years kind of sucked. They were too loaded and burnt to be able to do music anymore! They still tried though. An occasional album was released, but everyone knew a show by them was gonna be sloppy and not so good any more. BUT (this would be "the VH1 moment" in their story), they did get off the drugs and alcohol, and the talent they had been wasting re-emerged, and they did the Permanent Vacation album in 1987. That had hits, and now there was music video television, so they were able to capture a whole new younger audience and be big again. They kept it up for a while. The next album ("Pump") did well, and there were five more albums after that. I think doing a music video with an emerging rap band (Run DMC I think). Actually the video showed them playing in adjoining studios, but the sound was getting through the wall, and they were annoying each other. But anyway the song was DMC covering an Aerosmith song, and this reinforced the image of Aerosmith as being cool, with younger folks, who could easily have dismissed them as "fossils" from the 70's. Things that happened along the way include a vague allusion to Tyler (the singer) possibly being transgender but I never googled about that. I just couldn't help notice that Perry with his shirt off has a manly chest, while Tyler's is hairless and his man boobs have kind of a womanly shape about them *shrug*. But it dont matter. In the 70's we had bands we liked that were kind of queeny, and we didn't care so long as the music was amazing (Think David Bowie, Queen, Mott The Hoople, Alice Cooper, etc)(The 80's didn't invent rock musicians with girly hair. The 70's did. We had a thing called "Glam Rock") But, as we used to say, "It's all rock n roll to me". .....And of course they're all done now, aren't they? They gotta be as old as all the other 70's rock stars, and they're all around 70, and well the Stones for example have been releasing every bit of "unreleased" tracks they got, as if they're cleaning house before they die. It seems that way. (Of course it could be an attempt to regain some interest for a while, by releasing something anything that might get them thought of again (Greatest Hits albums always get released for that reason. Bands have a life cycle I've noticed.) Sadly though, I've also noticed wikipedia has a page devoted to listing who has died, and it seems to grow longer weekly lately. We lost Prince and Bowie this year, and Keith Emerson and others. ------For more on Aerosmith, here's the wiki link: HERE'S THE VH1 BEHIND THE SCENES DOCUMENTARY ABOUT THEM: (Its in pieces, but its there) THAT will tell the story nicely for ya.

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