• it to do with the fresh, country air...?
    • Ice man
      That must be it ! Eh?
    • beaker95
      ....or maybe the smell of all that leather.....
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      Or perhaps it's the feeling of riding a powerful animal with a schlong the size, that couldn't be it either.. Yea, maybe it's the air.
  • Mr Pants loves to watch womens horseback riding. I lets them ride in front, to be polite, and gallant and so I can watch the swaying and the bouncing, what was the question again?
    • beaker95
      "Where are the Andes?"....
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      Oh yes. Mr Pants loves to watch women bouncing their buttocks in the Andes!
  • Same reason the horses like riding the girls.
  • Have a guess. :)
  • Because a roping saddle is very comfortable.
  • Could be the same reason they like sitting on washing machines during the spin cycle.
  • Last time I was on a horse she decided she didn't like the change in soil and did an abrupt about face! I fell on my left side breaking two ribs, one in front and the other in back.
    • Ice man
      Oh that sucks ! I had nags that tried to knock me off by low branches, and they'll even duck themselves. Then there were the ones who thought it would be cool to stop short on the steep incline going down into a ditch, to send me over the top and into the ditch to ease their escape. I learned the hard way to never let go of their mane.
    • Linda Joy
      I was an amateur. Star was normally really sweet. Kaleb was the ornery one!

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