• From the point of view of health because cold beer, or any cold or iced drink, starts to freeze our insides which is not good. In warm or hot weather we naturally seek a cold drink. And I would think in cold weather we would want warm or at least room temperature drinks. When I have beer , which is only a small percentage of the time, I want cold in summer and room temperature in winter. With white wine, which I mostly drink, I want it slightly cool all year. So cellar-cold or I pour a glass of chilled wine and let it sit and warm up a little before drinking it. Another thing is maybe you are just into cold drinks. When beer is cold, the colder it gets it seems the less we can taste it. So perhaps the beer you drink doesn't taste like much at room temperature so you want it cold.
    • Ice man
      Actually, I love the taste of cold beer. Yet I'll hold it in my mouth for 5 or 6 seconds before swallowing, That way my taste buds get to appreciate the full flavor.
    • beaker95
      You sure you talkin' about the beer....?
  • I've heard it said I am good-looking and intelligent. So much for heresay....
    • Ice man
      Where did you hear that ?
    • beaker95
      From my Momma, just before she jumped off The Statue of Liberty.....
  • I haven't heard that before. I can't imagine that it would make a huge difference. I much prefer my beer cold.

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