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  • If they are giving you short shrift - i.e. not taking long enough with you getting you up there in foreplay or in intercourse - or if you are not relaxed enough or hooked-up enough (sexually sensitive) to feel them and sufficiently enjoy it. Many of us need lots of FP as well as extended intercourse, sometimes as much as 40 minutes or so, to get there. And a lot of men particularly inexperienced men don't last long enough or go too fast with us for us to feel them. And we can sabotage our own enjoyment by feeling anxious or overthinking it or fear we are not going to get there etc. Best to relax and enjoy and get caught up in the feelings and think in our mind sexy thoughts like crazy that help us get up there. Sometimes an experienced lover or the right guy can make all the difference but sometimes we need to work on making ourselves more sensitive and responsive to them.

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