• Everything is from God but love for a S/O is very limited while God's love falls on everyone and everything.
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      Yes that personal love can be confusing at times with expectations and possessiveness.
  • Yes. God is that source.
  • 3-21-2017 There is no answer until you figure out what love is. I say love is when you are aware of a need and you take care of it, but that is too much for some people to grasp.
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      This has a simple beauty to it, thanks.
  • Yes, I think all love comes from God. But they are different kinds of love. Like love for a brother or sister is different from romantic love and the love you have for your child is different from romantic love. Actually I think the love we have for our children is more similar to the love God has for us than romantic love is, only its greater.
  • No, the love we experience for another is selfish, conditional and fleeting, since your emotions change as do your preferences. Gods love is pure, blissful, removes all fear, it's all encompassing, and it exposes the grasping and selfish nature of man, in comparison.
  • No, and that belief is what leads some Christians to conclude that non-Christians are incapable of feeling love, a tremendously hateful position to take.

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