• 3-12-2017 Well, I never tried to buy moonshine. I had raw milk once, and I sure wish I could get a regular supply of it.
    • Azlotto
      I had a source for raw milk, but the FDA and police raided his farm and shut it down....The farmer got arrested and is now facing time in prison if he gets convicted of (???)...Thanks, Jewels Vern.
  • I have separate sources for both, but both are equally easy enough to get.
    • Azlotto
      You're lucky...Here in the states the FDA treats raw milk like it's plutonium...Thanks, Ice man.
    • Ice man
      Here the farmers have quotas they have to fill. The shit part is that they can't go over their quota, or they're given a fine. The smart ones have their own market of friends who WILL NEVER rat them out to the government. And more simply put ... how do you tell a Jersey cow to stop producing milk, just because some frigin' twerp, government asshole says " STOP, you're producing too much milk ! " ???

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