• If you buy it form the Joker!
  • I'm a retired makeup artist....your friend is not right.......yes, you can get bad makeup online, but so can you get it at those dollar stores!!! what crap!!! as long as you get no reactions, etc., just keep on using the online for foundation, you are SO RIGHT not to get that have to be soooo careful in trying to match your skintone when it comes to foundations.......but the other stuff? as long as you have no allergic reactions, go ahead. HOWEVER.......I'D ALSO LIKE TO SUGGEST THAT YOU save up your money so that you can go to a store and get a better brand of'll take you a little longer, but you will be getting a better type of product!!! DO get back to me if you have any other questions or concerns; I'm glad to help!!!! LOOK FORWARD TO HEARING FROM YOU IF YOU HAVE ANYTHING MORE TO ASK!!!!!!!!

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