• So very sorry to hear this. Please, though, I am the father of three beautiful children whom I love more than life itself. I can only imagine how I would feel if they hurt themselves and never came to me. You say you don't want your parents to worry. Yet you cannot imagine how your parents would feel if you hurt yourself. For the rest of their lives they would wonder what they did wrong. Believe it or not - YOU MATTER, Go talk to your parents and get help. They love you more than you realize and you are doing them no favors - none at all - by hiding your pain from them.. Secondly, it is always good to remember, whatever you are dealing with at the moment. It will pass. Give it time. Right now life must seem like a dark tunnel, but you never know when that will change - and it will change. The only constant in life is change - unless you cut it off. Please, my friend, I am asking you - please go get help from your parents. There is not much more anyone can say or do for you on a website. All I can tell you - promise you - is that if you hurt yourself today, the parents who love you will suffer the pain for the rest of their lives. Is that what you want? Really? Please keep me posted and know that out there, somewhere, there is a family - mine - who will be thinking about you and yes, even praying for you. Good luck and be strong.

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