• I would first try to think of a word that has something to do with home improvement and then see if I could attach it to another word that has a similar meaning or something pertaining to your business. Try rhyming it with something. Could your first and/or last name be used in the name of the company. e.g. Homer's Improvements If you need help with words try using a synonym finder like or use the Google search engine for help. After 3 tries they'll ask you to buy; just close the window and start from the home page again. Could your nationality be of any help for example if you were italian maybe "Tu casa e New casa home improvements" I'm not sure what else you could do except for asking others for ideas. Here's a place to find words that rhyme: One more thing to consider: A name that is positive or amusing will bring better results than something that may possibly offend someone; Like a slogan that may be funny to some but rude to others.
  • Try to find something that would be easy to remember and associative. Use logo making software (e.g. and add visual effects.
  • Meditate.
  • "Roomatology." You can thank me later.

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