• Sorry, I don't follow. It is clear that English is not your first language - and that obviously is a problem in its own right. The problem, I suggest, is less passion and more a question of articulation. Never forget, if you wish to be understood, you have to work at making yourself understandable.
    • عبدالقادر سمير عبدالقادر سليمان
      i proud there is someone like you brother,I edited
    • dorat
      Please forgive me. I need more information to offer any kind of response. I do not know where you are, but if it is a question of simply not knowing English, there are all sorts of proficiency classes for adults that you can take. Seriously, based on your writing, you may not have a bigger problem than a simple language issue. That can be solved with time and practice. Be patient, It will come. If the issue is that you are shy, that is a tougher issue to deal with. However, I think you will find that most people appreciate it when you ask about them. Be polite, don't be pushy, but if say, you are living here in the States, sign up for a college class (to learn English, for example) or some other social activity. In the natural course of things you will meet people and then - really - just ask them things like what they do. Then find things you have in common with that. If, for example, they like to read, ask them if they have ever read a book that you have read. Ask if they have seen a movie. Really, the list is too long and you will have to use your own imagination. That said, people know themselves best, so the best way to meet them is to ask them about themselves. Things will tend to proceed from there. (One other thing - do NOT spend lots of time on the computer. It the THE WORST way to meet people. You can't read their body language, see their eyes, and you tend to talk, on the computer, about what you like and therefore you never learn anything. It is my view that more people have shut themselves off from real relationships because they think that what they are doing on the computer is meeting people. Instead what they are really doing is forming superficial and transitory connections - and then it is on to the next transitory relationship.) If you are shy, this will be hard. You are going to have to push yourself. It won't happen automatically.

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