• Try telling him you have no money to give him and see if he hangs around. Certainly he is not respecting you asking for money when he knows you don't make any.
  • Fully agree with Officegirl - and would probably be a bit harsher. If he is always asking you for money, he is probably conflating dependence with love. If he respected you, he would be looking for ways to provide for you - even at his age - not take from you. I'm a guy and from my perspective, trust me, this guy is a taker. Stay with him, but the answer to the money question, when he asks, is "No." Make excuses if you wish - "sorry, honey, I just don't have it right now" - but either way, "no." You say he treats you well? I'm sure. It is easy to do when he is using your money - or to be more accurate, your parent's money - to take care of you. So I ask, what's he actually done for you lately? Don't get me wrong, he is probably not trying to take advantage, but it is pretty clear he needs to grow up and do what a man in love does. He cares for who he loves and tries to make her future brighter. He doesn't try to take out a mortgage on that future. Stay the course, stay in school. If he is the one, he will grow up and work it out. That said, you sound like a fantastic girl and if he is not the one, trust me, the right one will find you.
  • you now what they call a man who asks his woman for money all the time? nether do i, certainly not a man. sounds to me like an entitled under achiever. unless you want to be a sugar mama all your life it's time to cut that Boy loose
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