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  • Get to know her first. Ask to meet her after work and if she goes for that then talk to her and ask her out. Give her a lot of attention but don't crowd her. Wait until she responds positively to you before tell her you would like to be with her. Good luck.
  • Let me add a bit to what "Officegirl" said based on my own experience. When I was 23 I met a woman at work who was in her 60s. (62 to be precise. She had been married and had two kids who were older than I was, but she had been divorced for ten years.) I thought she was incredibly hot and - like all guys at that age - I wanted to sleep with her. So I started to talk about things I thought would interest her. She had an interest in home decorating. I knew nothing about home decorating - I had lived in my apartment for a year and it looked like it at that point. So I started to ask about things and talk about ideas for how to decorate my apartment. She gave me ideas and eventually I asked her out. We ended up dating for a while and honestly I was smitten. To me she was polished, sophisticated, sexy - and the sex was great - and she showed me cultural things (the opera, for example) that I probably would not have discovered on my own. Eventually we broke it off when I got my first job in Washington, DC and I had to move away at age 25. (She actually cried when I told her, which choked me up.) One of the things she said to me though was that she appreciated that I cared enough to learn about her and what she liked and that I was open to new things. It made a huge difference. People - men or women - like to think that people care about what they think. Officegirl is totally right on this - and in your case you have the advantage that your age difference is not as wide as was in my case. It wasn't so much that I knew as much as she did or that I was as sophisticated, as that I was willing to try. You can make this work, but you have to think ahead - and think more than just about the sex. Good luck.
    • officegirl
      You are "totally right" about this yourself!
    • dorat
      Why thanks!! Boy, are we good at this - or what?!!

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