• What?? Never heard blue light behind mirror?? Need more information please. This is interesting. I have had remote start on all my cars and don't know what you are saying. Maybe it is telling you it is alarmed? Mine flashes red but it is on bottom of dash. flashes red when it is armed! Feb. 02
    • Ice man
      My old system had the red light at the bottom of the dash, like yours. This current system has a 6 inch antenna on the interior of the windshield, just in front of the rear view mirror. It's attached to a tiny box which has this blue light emitting diode that flashes (the wiring goes up under the headliner). When you use the remote - the doors lock and the engine starts. Two seconds later the light starts flashing. If I unlock the door with the key(has a chip in it) the light usually stops once I put the key in the ignition and turn it. If I use the remote to unlock the door- the light will keep flashing, even after the ignition is keyed and I drive away and it will continue to do so (even after the car is parked, shut of and locked)until I do something by accident to shut it off. It has flashed continuously for as long as 3 weeks while I've been gone in the big truck. I'm told not to worry about it because it uses next to nothing for power and would take several years to kill the battery. But the freakin' thing annoys the hell out of me. I'm sure there is a sequence to pushing the remote buttons to shut it off because I've done it before by accident. At first I thought it to be caused by the "start" system. After playing with the damn thing for a year, I'm starting to think the answer is in the door lock system. I've been to the local Auto Electric specialists and none of them recognized the device and weren't able to offer any advice, but of course were willing to replace it with their own high price inferior crap.
    • RareCatch
      Excellent Feb. 03

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