• Recruitment Agencies can help you get over your fear.Agencies take responsibility of your career and give you a broad exposure.They also prepare the candidate for the interview and provide feedback from each employer and interview.
  • afraid of getting a job OR AFRAID OF THE JOB you've already got? i mean there's nothing you need to be afraid of when looking for a job. you dont need to worry about that, just do the job hunting, , do the necessary things to do with regards to that application, face and finish interview with confidence. and wait for the results. dont be afraid! and smile. and do repeat again the process (make sure to find one you really love or like but yolo. try something new out of your comfort zone too, it will make yourself better)
  • Fear will always be there. You have to find a way to face yours. You will mess up, you will embarrass yourself, and you will look stupid. Everyone does that. Eventually you will come to understand that since everyone else is also afraid of doing so, they're too busy to notice someone else doing so. And eventually you will understand that if you do all those things- it really doesn't matter. In fact, I rather enjoy the opportunity to do stupid things now. I've learned so many things because of embarrassing situations, and messing up. If you're not messing up, you're not trying. But the stories and memories I've got to tell now.

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