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  • For me the former because of men who used to have sex with me holding me up against shower walls sometimes with the water running. Probably too old for that now though was not seven years ago. But I can see how baths could be sexy as well.
    • dorat
      Ah, fuss and feathers! I bet you can still show your husband a great time in the shower!!
    • WorldOpenSkies2222
      (Not related) Hi, dorat. I apologize for not messaging you in quite a while, my life has just been super busy and all. My relationship with Jasmine is going amazing; we are hanging out almost every day, and we have sex every week or so. Also, her friend's friend breastfed both me and Jasmine, and that was an amazing experience... we both now go there to nurse almost every day. The sex with Jasmine has been incredible, and the time I've been spending with her all the more incredible. I've also been masturbating more intensely now, as I am able to have bigger, longer orgasms and I seem to cum more... all the meanwhile I think of my girl Jasmine. Speaking of which, I haven't masturbated in over a few days, so that's what I'm going to do now. ;) I'll still be able to chat if you're online Also, how are you and your gf? :) *Begins rubbing my dick already*
  • Sexy shower
  • Until we bought our house we didnt have a bathtub. Just a shower in our old apartment so we got used too it. Now we got the shower. Both are sexy.
    • dorat
      Well, if you don't have a choice, you don't have a problem. Sounds like you made the best of it, though. Thanks for your reply.
  • A regular bath tub can be kind of tight and uncomfortable for 2 people, so I would say shower. But if it's a big Jacuzzi tub, then I'd go with a bath. :)
    • dorat
      YES!! Wish I had thought to list that option. The gf and I have been there, done that. Definitely hot!! Great to hear from you.
  • Shower.

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