• I had the same problem, I'm a bit older than you now, but I have started noticing hair loss around the same time. I couldn't understand why this was happening to me. I've tried changing my shampoo to those herbal hair loss fighting nonsense shampoo's that really didn't do much of an effect. Ok so let's start with what helped me and could potentially help you. First of all you should quit smoking and drinking if you're doing any of that shit. Second is the food you eat, no more junk food. I'm talking about a balanced normal diet. Don't start eating only vegies and fruits, that's also unhealthy. Your hair needs fat. I'm talking about the good fat. Nots mcdonalds fat. For example put some olive oil in your salad or when cooking something also use olive oil. Ok , so let's get to the hair washing, i don't know about you but I'm quite the gym rat. And i had a bad habit of washing my hair every time i go to the shower, that's really bad for the hair. You should only wash it once a day or once in a few days.
    • JustBeck123
      Thanks a lot , i didn't think i would get a reply that fast. I'll try the things you listed. I think the overusage of my shampo could be the proble. I usually play soccer two times a day, except weekends and every time i go to the shower i use shampoo.. Don't have a problem with smoking or drinking at least, and I'll check out the product you recommended. Thanks again mate. Thumbs up.

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