• 1-24-2017 Yes, I remember it well. It was the most fabulous Christmas in my life. That bike cost 30 bux, most of a month's rent at the time, and my father had to get a loan to pay for it. I rode it until I was 17, and a few years later my little sister cleaned it up and gave it to her son for Christmas.
    • Ice man
      That's so cool, I'll bet you probably have a ton of photos of it as well.
    • RareCatch
      Yes a beautiful Red one that came from Western Auto. Jan.25
  • Yes! A 1968 green Schwinn Stingray J38-3 20" 3-SPEED STIK-SHIFT. The shifting cable went into the center of the rear hub. I went with my dad to the local Schwinn shop. I didn't like the weird look of the Schwinn Krate series that had a spring shock and smaller wheel in the front. I also wanted internal shifting instead of the sprocket shifting. I kept that bike polished up like new, till I started to drive.
    • Linda Joy
      Sounds very mature and responsible!
    • Roaring
      Gifts directly from my father were very rare, so I cherished them. An acoustic guitar, a clutch for my go cart. I did ask him for new skins for a drum set that I found, but when he saw the price, he said i would have to commit to lessons (wish i said yes to lessons but the guitar lessons became more like a chore, and didn't want that)
  • That I do remember. It was during the war. We were living in Quanset Huts on a military base in San Diego. My biological father walked someplace close by to pick it up. When he returned my Mother took a picture of my self and the tricycle. Then he stepped behind me for another picture and put his hand on my shoulder. I didn't want him touching me so I reached up to my shoulder to remove his hand just as my Mother took another picture. It looks as if I was holding his hand. I hated that picture my entire life. I remember that hand touching my shoulder, yuck. Don't remember anything about the bike.
  • 5, Radio Flyer Trike. Got stolen.
  • My first bike was a Christmas present. I rode it for several years. Living in the Colorado mountains I would ride it to school about 2 miles. If it snowed the snow would build between the tire and the fender until the wheels no longer turned. I would park it beside the road and walk home. My dad would pick it up when he drove by on his way home from work. My cousin and I both got a new bikes for Christmas several years later but his sister didn't. We made a deal with the local bicycle shop where we traded our old bikes and about $20 buying a new bike for her as well.
  • Yes, a "Huffy." It was a knock-off version of a more popular brand. It was a street bike but I stripped it down for speed and rode it as a dirt bicycle. I never threw it away. It's rusting in my backyard.
  • I've never had a bicycle.
  • 4-7-2017 So a family of hillbillies moved in next door. One day the little brother came and and said "Yall gotny tars?" I told him my dad had some roofing tar. "No, no, tars. Boscle tars." I told him no, I didn't have any bicycle tires.
    • Linda Joy
      Lol I can just hear it! Where were they from?
  • Yes! I was in 1st or 2nd grade because we lived in Fort Madison IA. It was handed down from my sister. It no longer had the training wheels and had a big chunk out of the 'puncture proof' front tire! Ha ha! The older girls got a new bike that year. It was a stingray with butterfly handlebars and a banana seat and the plastic fringe coming out of the handle grips! They all 6 had to share it. I rode it once or twice, but I was too short to reach the pedals while sitting on the seat so I had to ride standing and the seat poked me in the back. They only had it a week when they didn't put it in the basement one night and it was stolen.
    • Ice man
      Ah that's too bad it got stolen. My first was an old beat up, balloon tired Schwinn (paid for it myself). It took me forever to save up enough money (hauling garbage for neighbors at 25 cents a trash can) to afford a banana seat and "ape hanger" handle bars, and then another year for a skinny front wheel, before I could do a wheelie, then it was cool. I had it for about 4 more years and had out grown it when it got stolen too.
    • Linda Joy
      I'm sorry it was stolen. I wasn't strong or brave enough to do wheelies, but I did ride on the handlebars trusting my sister to steer, and that was scary enough for me!
  • I don't remember how old I was when I had my first bike, but it was an old Schwinn with a banana seat.
  • I still have it in my back yard.
  • I was about 9 and it was a Huffy banana seat that was actually bright yellow! It must have weighed 100 pounds. One time it fell on top of me and created the ugliest bruise I'd ever seen.
  • I'm not sure if I had that first bike, or if it had me. I asked it to be gentle. To this day I still have a thing for a good elongated seat.. *far away look*
  • A Raleigh Pixie, blue frame & (I think) yellow mudguards. Solid (non pneumatic) tyres, a rod operated stirrup brake on the front wheel & stabilisers (training wheels). I was given it on my 4th birthday.
  • yep santa brought it for me when I was 5 it was a blue don't remember what happened to it when i got my next bike all most 50 years ago that was.
  • I do, it was green and chrome Schwinn 1955 model.

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