• If you're really concerned, tell her. If she has guy friends, there's nothing to worry about or anything you can do. But if she's talking dirty or acting like she needs to hide her phone when you're around, there's probably a problem. If you two are close, tell her you're concerned and need reassuring. Maybe she'll let you read her messages and then you can stop worrying. Never act like you know she cheats until you're 100%positive or you'll ruin it.
  • What you mean she is not supposed to talk to any men? Get real honey - you don't own her. And that kind of behavior will only make her like the "other dudes" more.
  • Personally, I don't have enough information to know. One, she shouldn't be lying to you. But two, you shouldn't be freaking out on her if she's not cheating on you. And talking to other guys as friends is NOT cheating. If you are getting angry at her because she is being friends with guys, you are in the wrong. Sure, she shouldn't be lying to you, but you shouldn't be a controlling boyfriend, either. If she's cheating, that's another story. But you didn't actually say she was or say anything bad about the texts... so that makes it appear you are overreacting.
  • Dump her. Women above all demand absolute faithfulness, or else they will dump you. She has broken the rules she believes in and will demand you follow. Dump her. .... And don't waste your time dwelling on a decision. Life goes easier and further when you just go with your instinct, and move on. Boom, boom. There is a good woman out there you'll find, just maybe not with the first look. No big deal. Don't let her doink you around. She's playing the field still. You ain't it to her. it's obvious. Sorry.
  • Tell her it is perfectly OK to have friends of both genders and that you believe in total equality.
  • She should be able to TALK to other guys and you with other ladies. But honesty is important. So is trust. Y'all need to talk this out, and set some reasonable boundaries. Just make sure she understands what you require in a relationship and be prepared to end it if she's not the right one for you. It's far better to be alone than to be with the wrong person that'll make you crazy.
  • i would let her go, she sounds like shes taken anyways
  • She should dump you for looking at her phone.
  • Do the same.
  • maybe you need another girl that dont do that
  • Text and talk to other gals, and let her find out about it. If it is no problem for her, it should be no problem for you. If she has a cow, tell her you know about her activities, and that what's fair for her is fair for you.
    • wiseacre
      Good thinking.
  • It depends what they are texting or talking about.

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