• Trump didn't win the popular vote he won the electoral votes of more states. Hillary won the popular vote by more than 2.4 million votes. This is caused by the electoral college system used.
  • That's what I have heard and I guess it probably is true. But I think a lot of Clinton people perhaps did not vote or voted for someone else because they might have just assumed she would win. A lot of conservatives were turned off by Trump so did not vote for him. My husband and I did not care for him and we supported other candidates but in the end we did vote for him because he came closer to our beliefs than Clinton.
    • Chicagoan
      "he came closer to our beliefs than Clinton." Oh, so you like guys who brag about the women they've sexually assaulted, all the whores he buys, tax evasion, pathological lying, illegally dodging the military, and the fact that he's an open, self-admitted racist White Supremacist. NICE VALUES/BELIEFS YA GOT THERE, child!!
  • Did they discount the 7 million votes by illegal immigrants? If they did, you've answered your own question.
  • Thats not a known fact, it's a god damn lie, which would make YOU a god damn liar. Got any more questions, retarded fascist?

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