• I don't see why not. Go for it, I say. :)
  • It does not sound like a good idea. Here you are being prodded by your gfd's son to marry his mom - and now you are asking for opinions on a website about whether you should propose. That does not sound very promising as a starting point. My gf and I dated for almost two years, have lived together for 10, and have 3 children together. We chose not to be married because it felt, to us, that marriage almost cheapened our love. We are deeply devoted to each other, and so I am not telling you that your love for your gf is not real and rock solid. However, it would never have occurred to me when I asked my gf to move in with me to go to a website to ask if it was a good idea. My sense of commitment was real. Your's sounds - I don't mean to offend - a little unserious. If you are taking relationship advice from a boy and complete strangers who have no knowledge of who you and your gf are, and what your relationship is like beyond your short description of it, then probably you ought steer clear until you have thought more seriously about what you want for your future and your gfd's. (Not to mention the boy's. Think of the upheaval in his life if your relationship with your gf goes south.) Again, don't get me wrong, although my gf and I didn't want to be married, we actually believe that marriage is a good thing - and therefore entering into marriage ought be done on the basis of what is in your heart and what your head is telling you about you, your gf and your relationship - not on what strangers suggest on a website.
  • Well there is not a lot of security in just going day by day but from your other questions sounds as if you have some issues about the relationship yourself. I think a move like that would require serious discussion first - it is not about a wedding but about a life together. Is a positive that her son likes you but make sure she feels the same way!
  • if you want to
  • No. Neither of you are ready. You tell the kid how much you appreciate the compliment and that it is a deeply meaningful honor and you hope that your relationship with him continues for a very long time because you enjoy spending time with him. If he asks about marriage you tell him that is an adult topic and decision that will be up to you and his mom when you both feel the time is right to discuss it. Any question after that the answer is that the time is not right or that is an adult decision and drop it.
  • Definitely not after all you've posted here!!
  • There is no day-by-day couple. Your girlfriend is thinking long term, even if you don't know that. If that bothers you, you can move on. Be aware, your next girlfriend will be thinking long-term too.
  • Hmm! That's a commitment, are you ready?
  • if you want to
  • If you have to ask then no you should not ask her. You are not sure of your self or her.

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