• Anyway, here it goes... *deep breath* My name is Natalia (it isnt my real name, I just want to protect my identity, but the rest about me is true), I am 16 1/2 years old, and... I am only into girls. A lot of guys consider me a "8/10" (in terms of beauty), if that helps... Um... I'm really shy and awkward IRL, so I dont have many close friends. I have medium-length black hair, and I have gray-blue eyes. I am about 5' 7", I am kinda skinny (havent worked out much),... and as for my personality, ppl IRL always call me "cute", "intelligent", and "creative" (I suppose thats true), and I am also kind and very forgiving, I am also very open, loyal, and honest. (however, I am very impatient) I love Doctor Who, Warriors (the book series), MLP, drawing, writing, astronomy, bike riding, playing video games, and my favorite food is pizza. Im looking for a girl who is around my age, please dont be, like, 30 or something, because that would be really creepy... and I am also open to a romantic relationship. anyway sorry that this description is kinda "messy", lets just say that when I write (things like RPs, short stories, etc.), I am much better at my vocabulary! xD So, if youre interested, feel free to send me a message. I doubt this will get any replies, but its worth a shot! ^-^

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