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  • Not "male dominance" at all. They have just been watching too much porn and they think that is what their supposed to do. Like spanking us. No does nothing for me but sometimes I let them do it. Esp with multiple men.
    • dorat
      Thanks for your response. I actually did not write the question very well. I did not mean to suggest that ALL women feel that way. My gf has said that she likes it - not always - when I am sexually aggressive and asserting myself and that my cumming on her adds to that feeling. Like many couples, there are times when we are romantic and loving, and there are other times when we are passionate, and then other times when we are just like two animals in heat and breeding in a field. (Sorry, that was a bit graphic, but you see what I am saying.) When the latter, my gf likes it that I am dominant because it makes her feel protected and that she is free to enjoy herself by just giving in to me. So all I was driving at was to see why or why not a woman would like it and to give an example of why they might.
    • officegirl
      All I can say is men never used to do that kind of thing. And I don't remember it at all before maybe ten years ago. Realistically I guess if they take the time with me they can do it where they want. But my husband or men who really know me would not do it. When it gets in my hair and eyes it is - unpleasant. Anywhere else it cleans right off. Doubt very much evolution came up with that.
    • officegirl
      Dorat you and a lot of other people like to talk a lot about "dominance" and "submission" etc. but just think about it - most men are going to be larger and taller and stronger anyway and you can call that "dominance" but really its just naturally what men bring to the table. As well you are mostly going to be putting more of the physical effort into intercourse while though we might do some things to make it better most often our movements are more in response to yours. Someone once told me OK you women don't do any work at all but just lie there and I told him but if you could see what is going on inside us you would know in fact we are very active! So again you can say we are "submissive" but that is just more just the natural order of things than anything special we plan and do. We like to think we are "giving" ourselves to you because that makes us feel good. Or that you are "taking" us. Of course you are giving of yourselves as well just as we are taking as well. So to me all such talk of "dom" and "sub" belongs more to specific rather than general behavior. Please don't even think of apologizing dorat, because you wrote the question very well and you did not suggest that we all just like one thing and anyone knows from experience that we are individuals and though we may like a lot of the same things we also like different things as well.
    • dorat
      Have to differ with you a tiny little bit on this one. You are confusing the merely physical with a mindset. There are times when I am with my gf having sex and I am as tender and as gentle as you can imagine. When we are in that way, we have sex in the missionary position more than not, so that I can hold her close to me and kiss her and feel her next to me. Yup, I am bigger physically, but I am as gentle as a puppy. She is, you are right, giving herself to me, but it is gentle and mutual and I am giving to her, too. By contrast, there are times when we are just like two animals breeding in a field. When we are that way, I am usually on her doggy style, and am bending over her and thrusting rapidly. She may even gasp or yelp a bit. It is very raw and I agree with you, she is giving herself to me, but it is a different kind of giving. Oh, and by the way, I am not one of those guys who would EVER say that the woman is not doing any of the work in bed. Even when I am at my most primal, I realize the enormous amount of trust my gf must put in me. She is leaving herself completely open and vulnerable to me - and that takes trust and even courage. Yes, she is making her body - as you say - a thing to be used for my pleasure. I think you are right, there. However, that is not a small thing. Being submissive is, at least to my mind, one of the most loving and intimate things a woman can be. That is also why I loved having sex with my gf when she was pregnant. (Luckily, she was one of those rare women who, after the first month or so, seemed to want more sex, not less,) Here she was carrying my child, she had let me breed her and yet she was still there to service my needs. It was amazing and I think a very different mindset than simply the result of simple size differentials. Anyhow, thanks for your kind words and your really interesting insights. You gave me a lot of food for thought.
  • I find it very sexy. Guys like it and that's part of what excites me about it. I particularly love it when a guy cums in my mouth. And I can totally relate to your girlfriend's sense of male dominance. I'm not saying it actually is, but that's part of the fun of it for me. Also, the taboo aspect of it and just doing something exciting and kind of wild can add some spice to the sex.
    • dorat
      Thanks for replying. It definitely adds some sauce to the sex, that's for sure. I can actually remember the first time my gf swallowed my cum. Of course it is all psychological - but wow! It was hot! Bet your s/o loves it that you are so open.
    • ladyEmma
      Yes, my husband loves that I'm open with my sexuality. It's great to be so open with each other. It is indeed all psychological, but it's amazing how much that psychology can do to us physically. Your reaction to the first time your girlfriend swallowed your cum is very common. Guys seem blown away (and very appreciative)when we're willing to do that. I love your questions and discussion by the way.
    • dorat
      Thanks - and right back at ya. Your honesty and willingness to reply is really great. I am asking these questions because I was kind of curious to see how my gf and I compared to others. It has been really interesting and you've been great.
    • ladyEmma
      You're welcome. And thank you for posting these questions. It's fun to hear how other men and women feel about these topics.
  • Oh, YES!
    • dav1234
      where on u
  • Only if he pays me lots of money first.
  • Mmmm hmmm.
  • mmmm . yes i do , Especially when they are thrusting there full erections between my Breasts and they cum all over my nipples , it's very satisfying and warm
  • Yes I like it when a man shoots his cum on me, my stomach, my tits or in my mouth.. I love watching his pulsating cock shoot his sperm all over me

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