• My goal is not to budget and to simplify the savings process as much as possible
    • Black Mystique
      Did I mention, my family doesn't even like to savings.
    • Ice man
      Well you have now. : )
  • Actually I don't see any major expenses coming at me this year with the possible exception of replacing my washer and dryer. So I'm aiming for a 65% to 70% savings build up between now and this time next year. That should put me in good shape to renovate my bathroom and change my kitchen and dining room floors.
  • Sounds good! No we do well enough with our combined salaries and inheritances that we are able to donate to charities and help others out somewhat and have enough to purchase what we really want when it comes up. Still paying off a mortgage for our home.
  • Yes many thoughts. Where you live and how you earn is essential in this budget. I also would recommend giving/tithing as it always blesses you back. Also what if you can gets fixed expenses covered in 35%? Also consider debt repayment in this equation...? Not sure of your situation so I don't know how to direct you but saving 20% is a great goal.
    • Black Mystique
      I definitely agree about it depends on where you live and the effects on your budget. New York and California for instance is out of control. I feel for young families here in California. The unusual love interests has made money cheap and the prices crazy.
      Some areas of Cali are crazy high. Good luck to you , I truly wish you the best on your economic plan!

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