• I don't think he would forget about you but he could just not have any contact with you. Part of being in a relationship is honoring your partner's feeling even if you don't agree with them. Now if she just gets crazy jealous because of her own insecurities and fears over absolutely every girl he is friends with then he could well end up rebelling and leaving her. But if it just staying away from you or a couple of other girls he would find that easier to do and could well do it out of respect for her. But men tend to romanticize and sentimentalize relationships they can't have so he could well do that about you even though he would never have any contact with you. I liked this one person and I was friends with both he and his wife but at one point she left him. I knew they would get together again eventually but even though I knew I should not go there we did eventually become lovers. I should mention I was married as well. But when they did get back together she blamed me and would not let him be friends any longer. So I haven't heard from him in years and really miss both of them. And it hurts.
  • I still remember a girl I dated for awhile that is until her parents said she could no longer date me. I was 21 and she was 17. (That was not considered bad back then) I am almost 80 now and often wonder what happened to her as well as some other girls I dated back then.

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