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  • I am a woman but from what I know and have heard it seems pretty normal for someone your age. What was the reason your parents gave you for it being "wrong"? Anything that feels good we want to do so is to that extent addictive but its only bad when it hurts us. And unless your whole focus becomes on that so that you are unable to do well in school, have a job, meet and socialize with people, be active and have productive interests then it is not harmful. But it is very solitary - you are not interacting with anyone else - which may be why your parents think it is bad. But I would guess that most guys your age and even lots older do do that.
  • @officegirl, thank you for your insight. My masturbation isn't affecting any of my social life at all or anything, so I guess if you put it (that way you put it), it isn't harmful in any way, shape or form. Again, thanks!
  • It is generally healthy for you. Especially at your age, your hormones are surging and your natural biological instincts to reproduce are manifesting themselves but they have no socially acceptable outlet. Masturbation helps you control your instincts as well as teaches you what will satisfy you sexually as you get older. There are only two exceptions to this: 1) Many people are raised in religious beliefs that frown upon masturbation and that can cause feelings of guilt that can make healthy sex harder. 2) If your masturbation begins to interrupt your ability to work and socialize, that can become a problem also. However, both of these situations are rare and you don't really need to worry about them. On the whole, masturbation is quite normal - for both men and women - and it actually helps your sexual development.
  • Neither. Just normal.
  • Always practice safety , As a older person from my point of view , don't trust these people real easy on the Internet , don't give out personal information and if anyone makes you feel uncomfortable you can always contact local law enforcement and you got be careful even my age I am careful online I got disabilities so I need be careful.

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