• Guilty as charged. Well I was not around in the "early days" but six - seven years ago there were a number of adult women being honest and candid with each other about our intimate lives.
    • RareCatch
      Excellent I was there 8 years ago. Dec.20
    • Bootsiebaby
      There is nothing wrong with that, officegirl, in fact I greatly encourage it. That is how we are where I live. However, I suspect the poster of this question is having a go at male chauvinist pigs, not at candid women like us. Lol:)
    • Nosmo King
      You know something, Bootsiebaby? You are absolutely right. I did post this question to have a go at male chauvinist pigs. I admire candid women, I always have done. :)
    • Bootsiebaby
      Good for you, Nosmo. :)
  • Because it was heavily populated by self-righteous, opinionated, sexist jerks, that's why. If you were here between 2011 and 2015, you would have noticed how I used to challenge those types. They were nothing but trolls.
    • Nosmo King
      Thank you, Bootsiebaby. Oh, how I wish we still had the Asker's Pick feature on here. It is obvious which answer I would choose. :)
    • Bootsiebaby
      Thank you, Nosmo. :)
    • Nosmo King
      You're welcome, Bootsiebaby. ;)
    • Bootsiebaby
  • Maybe it was. Other sites are like that as well, I'm sad to say.
  • I wouldn't say I was a sexist jerk, but I'm old fashioned. And I'm opinionated, which most people here are, considering this is a website where one posts opinions.
  • Probably a whole lot less libturds back then, prior to the commie-socialist-leftard overflow from reddit, and subsequent colonization here....which in turn, maybe accounts for the lack of migration from Yahoo Answers.
    • Victorine
      Do grow up, sweetie. And see a shrink. You have have rather serious mental-health issues., don't you?
    • Franco333
      Awwww poor lil leftist witchy-poo...or is it bitchy-poo? Did I pull another libturd trigger, and how many more do you have to go (asking for a friend!)? Truth stings a mite for the thin-skinned, huh? Now, now, you will survive this terrible indignity! I have faith in you precious. Trust me...would I lie to to my absolute bestest leftist art-phag?
  • Nothing new or different vis-a-vis other sites. They ALL have been heavily populated by self-righteous, opinionated, sexist jerks over the years. It's merely the nature of the beast. and always has been, ever since such sites were founded.

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