• Maybe not ugly but certainly not cute.
    • Ice man
      Thanks, I'm not a terribly big fan of them either.
    • officegirl
      I pity the ancient Egyptians.
    • Ice man
      I think it might be a bit late for that. lol
  • I've never seen a hairless cat, but I know I have hairless cat phobia.
    • Ice man
      If you're serious about a phobia don't look at the link. But if you're kidding and want to see what one looks like - this one is very affectionate but (in my opinion) ugly. I'm sure the cat also thinks the same of me. : )
    • Azlotto
      Wow, that looks more like a rodent...Thanks for the link, Ice man.
  • 12-21-2016 Ugly.
    • Ice man
      No argument here. : )
  • I used to have a Persian and I kept her shaved as I could NOT deal with the hair. She looked funny but I told her she looked beautiful. 12/21
    • Ice man
      Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Thanks

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