• No, you are not wrong but that's a hard one. I don't have any experience with this, but what could you do to address your concerns? Maybe ask him to bring her over for coffee when he's picking his son up. Are her kids older than your son? What activities would they be doing. When and why would your son be left with unsupervised with her? She's not the enemy since she will be spending time with your son, so trying to get common ground is important to your son. Remember this goes both ways when you get a new man in your life.
  • If he is going to see his father, and especially if you have some kind of shared custody arrangement, your son will of necessity come into contact with her and you cannot prevent that. She is part of his life so if he is spending time with your son then of course she will be part of it. You cannot exclude her unless you exclude your ex.

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