• Dont they come back on when somebody answers them ? I think they do ? Like the old AB
    • Ice man
      Yes they float back up to the top if somebody answers them. But with all this ancient crap being used for filler our current Q's are sinking to the bottom faster than before. Once they're off the main page they go to "categories", but I think they get pushed off the page there too. : (
    • Nosmo King
      I know what you mean, Ice man. I think the "following" feature might come in handy now. Lol:)
    • Ice man
      No it's not as handy as I hoped it would be because it only holds a small limit.
  • So far, I can see most if not all of my question on my profile page.
    • Ice man
      Your profile page only holds twenty. I've asked 82 so far and a lot of them have gone off the main (long) page. I think they went off into "categories" but probably be seen again. : (
    • Ice man
      Typo- but probably will not be seen again.
  • They are in our profiles, Ice man. All it takes is for someone to go into your profile and answer some of your questions, and hey presto, they will appear on the main page again. That's one of the features of the old AB they've brought back already, although admittedly it's slower than the original site.
    • Ice man
      Our profile pages only hold 20 Q's. I have asked over 80 and most are gone off to parts unknown.
  • they do fall off, but you can always reask them
    • Ice man
      Asking duplicates would be defeating the purpose of this site. Thanks for your answer. : )
  • Don't know - might be but its like who really cares? The fellowship and hanging out is the main thing. I really tried to help people and provide answers on the former site but later they deleted a lot I posted cause their advertisers thought frankness re sex was offensive to too many potential customers. Now its all gone - I'm here but nothing to show for six plus years on the former site. I take it serious because I'm a serious person. But really don't have many expectations. They are sort of re-inventing the wheel.
    • Ice man
      Yes I agree in the first part but I care, and I also understand how you feel about that other site, 6 years is a big investment of your time. Since coming back to AB I've been continuously asking questions in hopes of promoting conversation. I've only had limited success with that so far. It appears that most returning members become impatient with the slow development and leave. Unfortunately that only leaves a small core group of us trying to maintain that fellowship and hang out. Therefore many of those current questions that we ask are getting quickly pushed down and off the page without being seen by anyone, because the pages are being loaded with tons of ancient questions (thinly disguised as "posted recently"), many of which can't even be answered. The thing is that sadly, we aren't being given a fair chance and that it seems numbers count for more than the members who are trying to help. That's not a good sign. : (.
    • officegirl
      I got that you have been trying to promote conversation and I think you have done well with it. I look forward to reading your Qs and especially your comments. Funny you are vaguely familiar but I don't really remember you from the former site. I previously made the mistake of becoming too emotionally involved with certain users and I'm trying to keep it lighter now. Yes have noticed old questions appearing including one I asked although it is attributed to another user. This site is a work in progress.
    • Ice man
      Thank you, your comments are very kind. ; )
  • I see some of my questions in the related questions to the right. I think that's how people sometimes answer my old questions.
    • Ice man
      Yes I agree. I'm sure that's the only way that a few of my older questions have resurfaced. Thanks for answering.
  • Lol! Bet you never thought THIS would happen when you asked THAT question!
    • Ice man
      This Q is no longer relevant as it was asked back when the site was still in it's "bare bones, start-up faze". Much has changed since then, but there's still a lot more to be done yet....

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