• 12-04-2016 Be glad you have contented neighbors.
  • Are they Indian ? I have that problem with the unit above me on any given day and night there is anything from 3 to 30 in their unit Maybe get a gun im thinking about it
  • If they are too loud for hours you can call the cops for noise disturbance. I recall where I used to live a man with his loaded rifle chased some people down the hall. Glad I moved somewhere else.
  • I learned as a teen trying to study that if I turn the music up I don't hear the noise. I know you say music distracts you as well. Have you tried a white noise machine? Or turning up the tv? Maybe your best bet would be earplugs and/or noise cancelling headphones. Or living out in the country away from everyone, but then you may not have access to public transportation. I can hear neighbors outside my front door or in the corridor just carrying on a normal conversation if my house is quiet - no tv or music on. One day I even heard the guy upstairs peeing! haha. You can't exactly call the cops on people just for talking, or peeing!! haha I turn something on just to give them the privacy they seem to think they have.
  • You are always going to get echoes in halls, buy some ear mufflers, if they can sound out a formula one car, then I'm sure they will do the job.

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