• Either a sack of lemons and a big bottle of Tequila, or some electronic gadgets. I haven't decided yet, and of course there's always a strong possibility that it will be the usual - a bit of deer shit & a lump of coal. : )
    • ladyEmma
      HAHAHAHA! I hope it's not the usual. Lemons and tequila sounds good. :)
    • Ice man
      Agreed !! : )
    • RareCatch
      Great answer there Mr. Ice Dec.01
    • RareCatch
      Is that deer shit from your ex? Dec. 01
    • Ice man
      @ RC - Yup, either that was a good guess ... or you're on the same mailing list as me ? lol
    • RareCatch
      You told me once. Dec. 01
  • A new 'EL" and some "Grey Goose"! I hope! Dec 01
  • I will be spending most of Christmas on my own but i have been told he arranged a nice x mas dinner with my friend to enjoy anything else is a bonus
  • The Chicago Way guitar effects pedal designed specifically for Toronzo Cannon
    • Ice man
      He's one fantastic blues guitar player ! I could listen to his Chicago Blues all night long.
    • RareCatch
      Excellent Dec. 01
  • I don't know! Its always a surprise!

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