• I'll drink and enjoy almost every beer, but free beer is my favorite.
    • Ice man
      I'll drink to that ! : )
    • we are dough
      Who is That...?
  • Anything that's cold and doesn't have the word "lite" on the label.
    • ladyEmma
      Ha-ha! Sounds good to me. :)
    • officegirl
      Cold beer can be nice in the summer but when cold you can't taste it as much which makes it less enjoyable for me.
  • I don't drink beer a lot but in a certain mood or frame of mind there is nothing better I think. Guiness Stout is very good. Not sure if that is how to spell it. It is very famous as is Bass Ale which I like too. Dale's Ale and Peak Organic Super Fresh I have at home. Trying to remember some of the others. Mayflower which is a local company not far from here has some good ones. I think Ration Beer is one and Spring Hop Beer is another but the latter is kind of bitter. There have been others which can't think of now. Like I said only for certain moods.
    • ladyEmma
      Thanks for your answer. I love Guinness. Definitely one of my favorite beers. I just had one last night actually. I've had Mayflower's Spring Hop Beer. I like their Autumn flavor Brown Ale. I think it's called Hometown. I drink beer pretty regularly, but being in the right mood definitely makes a difference. I love drinking Fall flavor beers this time of year.
  • I hate beer so I would choose "Grey Goose" Vodka. Dec. 18
  • John Smiths..... I enjoy most bitters and the odd Guiness.
  • Cully Stout Beer.
    • we are dough
      I bet that's about 2% proof, eh.....
  • Alice....
  • Oatmeal Yeti by Great Divide Brewing for Stout's High Resin IIIPA by Sixpoints for double or triple IPAs Yum Yum by Three Floyds for APA But it's hard to pick one favorite really

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