• Haven't been in a motion picture theater since 1987. Have seen a few on DVD and I see them advertised on TV. I recognize some of the names. Matt Damon I think is one of them. Jennifer Lawrence. That is about as well as I can do.
    • Ice man
      Same here, I think the last movie I saw at the theater was "Titanic".
    • officegirl
      Which was what - almost twenty years ago? Seems like just yesterday.
    • Ice man
      It does seem like it was just yesterday, so I just looked it up and you're right - Initial release: November 18, 1997.
  • Hi Ice man i sure am i get to the cinena at least once a fortnight, Emily Blunt is my fav actress she was recently in the film The Girl On The Train
    • RareCatch
      I like your cat. Nov. 29
    • Queen Chelsea
      Thanks lol
    • Ice man
      Hi Queen Chelsea, I like your cat too and I'm glad that you keep abreast of today's movie scene. I recognized Emily Blunt's name but I had to look her up to see what she looked like. She is very pretty. Thanks : ).
    • officegirl
      Oh I have heard of her!
  • No idea. I look at the magazines at the supermarket check out and think, "Who ARE these people?"
    • Ice man
      Yup, that's me too. Thanks : )
  • Nope and don't care. Nov. 29
    • Ice man
      I haven't the foggiest clue who these new "stars" are. Thanks
  • I'm not up to date. I don't consider myself lost simply disinterested.
  • so many new performers
  • I know the big named players.
  • I'm pleasantly and comfortably in a state of "Who cares?"
  • The majority of those people appear to be communist. I have no interest in promoting their careers, or popularity.
  • Too many have gone into politics as a sideline profession. They share their little jokes and condemn Conservatives among their ever-shrinking clique groups (self-promoting awards shows) and vermin-spewing talk shows. I really don't have the stomach for it anymore. There hasn't been a decent movie made in decades, anyway.
  • There are so many newbies. I can't keep track of them.

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