• Sounds like you are a sexually available net friend. Could go somewhere but he would have to be a lot more into you which could only happen from actual dating. But he seems to value his ability to flirt and play with different girls.
    • Appleseed123
      I'm not really sure what I should do last night the vibe changed.
    • Appleseed123
      I dont think he likes me he's a player my friend msged he on the website. And he lied about some stuff also he said he was pissed at some thing about the dating site how no girls wanna get to know him and he was eager to go on a date with this girl. Guys a loser not wasting more time. If he was slightly interested he would act like it. The pass day I was not so talkative to him today I'm completely avoiding his ***. Won't be someone he's using to pass time. If I ever did like him that feeling is done. He's still to make small talk but i wanna tell him how I feel.

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