• Don't know about that. There are more legal requirement for divorce and the way some people draw it out trying to punish their partners I would say it is the other way around. We can get married on a lark but a divorce requires, if not lawyers, then legal advice and legal documents and in the state where I live a waiting period. Young people seem to be more afraid of making the marriage commitment whereas for us we considered it desirable so we perhaps went into it a lot more easily. Not referring to myself - I did not marry until well into my 50s and had very few reasonable offers before that. So if you are younger perhaps this is what you are referring to.
    • The Original Mixed-Up Kid
      Maybe you didn't see it, officegirl, but there was already a question the other way around and I simply reversed it to mock it. I think my version is closer to the truth though. I'm in my 50s myself and I've never been married, while I have seen many friends marry and divorce in a short space of time. I've always been afraid of commitment myself, and even more so the responsibilities of parenthood, which I have always avoided like the plague. Now if for some reason I did get married, the first hint of starting a family would drive me away before you could say "Taumatawhakatangi?hangakoauauotamatea?turipukakapikimaunga?horonukupokaiwhen?uakitanatahu". Lol:)
    • The Original Mixed-Up Kid
      Sorry about those question marks in the middle of that. I didn't put them there, they appeared by default.
  • People are rather bonkers about both topics. Just to describe the level of craziness would fill a book. Almost everybody is unaware that marriage is a natural condition. They think it is a legal privilege. Just bonkers.
  • I think it's because of gravity. It's like walking up hill first and then walking down hill. ; )
  • That question is definitely in the reverse!

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