• You have received so many compliments they have gone to your head. And you have started thinking you are too good for people! Take your focus off yourself and how "beautiful" you are and try and relate to other people and their wants and needs. Then you will be more thinking of them and less of yourself. Hang out with friends a have a great time with people. Be thankful for whatever attention you receive because you may not always be receiving it!
  • You're a girl. get used to being watched. That's why your mother told you to always wear clean underpants. No matter what you do, somebody is watching.
  • Sure, I will help you get on track. It looks like you are all show and no go, now that most of the guys stare at you. What you should do is find a guy that interests you. Once you find this guy, perhaps he can take you for the ride of your life. lol
  • It's not your fault. That happens to women whether they're beautiful or average. It's the nature of men to look at all women. Your beauty is not the cause. It might get you followed around but it's not the cause. Women usually embrace this magnetism they have over men. Enjoy it if you can. I can tell you have trouble accepting this part of who God made you to be. Dress as modestly as you can to discourage the stares but always remember that just being female will bring the eyes your way to some degree, no matter what you do. When it happens feel good about yourself and just try enjoying the unwanted attention.
  • As long as they stare, but do not touch, then I don't see anything wrong with guys staring.
  • This could continue for the rest of your life: start getting used to it & smile more often: take up modelling: think & concentrate more on the purpose of where you are & why when in public & stop watching people watching you.

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