• Really David ?? You two are not 16 anymore and if you're old enough to be away from home and graduating from college .. I think you're old enough to travel without a chaperone. The idea of taking someone with you, that you haven't spoken to in 2 years, is absolutely ridiculous and I guarantee he will spoil your trip almost from the word go. If you absolutely need a 3rd body in the vehicle to please your parents - make it a big stuffed teddy bear, give it a name and include it in your conversations. Just don't take it into restaurants with you, and don't take it's advice about directions or where clean washrooms can be found..(stuffed bears have no sense for that kind of thing). But seriously - the parents don't really need to know that "Bobby" is a stuffed toy.
  • Traveling with another person is very tough as there's a lot of compromising and decisions all the time. I would opt out of the 3 person thing. I understand that at 22 you guys are just breaking out of "what Parents and friends think" thing. I've travel across Canada and NY to CA. It was fun and quite exhausting. Can't image doing it with anyone for that period time. Niceties go away after a day or two and then you're left with a 3rd leg.

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