• Oh yes by all means Any good concrete sealer. Do you have Thompsons products there? Nov.16
    • Ice man
      Yes we do, I noticed some the other day. Guess I'm going back to the hardware store. Thanks : )
  • I would if I were you.
    • Ice man
      Yes I guess I better go get some in the morning. We are supposed to get a couple of days of nice weather, that should permit good drying time. Thanks ; )
  • Did you 'git 'er done'? How's it holding up?
    • Ice man
      Nope, the weather turned cold and it snowed before I could seal it. At this point it all looks great and now that we're going into summer .. I'm not sure if I should seal it or not.
    • Linda Joy
      It would probably hold up better if you did
    • BRG
      why not call the people who did it and get a professional opinion!?!?!?!?!?

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