• For me, it introduces to other possibilities and provides a certain amount of escapism.
  • Most people like to read what's familiar to them. Which is avoiding reality.
  • We need to think beyond the world we live in. I think it's more than just escapism. You read 1984 and you don't escape anything. Fiction helps us think and that's why it's so powerful.
  • Because you can learn about stuff without having to live through it.
  • As a form, fiction allows us to freely explore ideas, to extrapolate, and to weave stories that are unique and meaningful. Fiction crosses eras and space-time, and forces us to consider the universals of human experience independent from the limits of time and place. fiction develops essential human psychological traits: empathy, abstract thinking, the ability to connect the general to the specific. Speaking of super-powers; not only is fiction time-travel, it

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