• I wouldn't expect to be able to run it with high (or above) graphic settings, but it should run smoothly on medium or below. That PC has an intel 5000 graphic chipset which is the spec that's going to limit you for gaming. Generally you want to stay away from intel graphic chips and shoot for AMD or NVidia (and if you plan on doing a lot of gaming, I'd strongly recommend you do). However, Overwatch has modest system requirements and the 5000 will do a decent enough job running it.
    • PurpleWizard18
      Thanks, that helps a lot.
    • PurpleWizard18
      But where did you get the 5000 graphic chipset? I didn't see that in the specs, I saw "Intel HD Graphics 5500" for the graphics card but not a 5000 graphic chipset.
    • Stepper is in the bag
      Anytime :-) It looks like you're right though, that was my mistake. That machine does have a 5500 chipset, which is a tad better than the 5000. It's roughly equivalent to the Geforce 720, or the Radeon 5570 (just FYI). Recommended requirements for Overwatch are a Geforce 660 or Radeon it's right in the "recommended" range, which means "will definitely run with about average performance".

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