• "Law of Attraction" is a dum philosophy based on the devil's lie "Ye shall be as gods." There is a law of believing: you say "I believe I'll have a beer," and then you open a beer. The law of attraction says you somehow "attract" a beer. The law of believing: 1. It has to be available. 2. You have to know how to get it. 3. You have to know how to use it when you get it. 4. There is always a price of some sort and the price must be paid in full. 5. Go get it! Many people think that must be a joke because there is no spiritual mumbo-jumbo about it. It is in fact a universal law, used by all successful people. (Most of them just skip right down to #5.)
  • The law of attraction means that nobody can be both smart and attractive. So you're either dumb and attractive or smart and ugly.

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