• You do have a printed periodic table, right? You can get the information at but you really need your own printed copy to carry with you. It will be a primary reference for everything you do. There is a diagonal line, B-C, Si-P, Ge-As, Sb-Te, and Po-At. Elements to the left of the line are metals, meaning they lose an electron easily, elements to the right of the line are non-metals, and elements on the line are semiconductors. So you look up the mass numbers for CaCO3. Ca - 40.078 C - 12.011 O x 3 - 47.9982 ----------------- TOTAL 100.0872 Oxygen is very close to 48% of the mass of CaCO3 so the atoms are 48% of Avogadro's number. 0.48 x 6.023 x 10^23 = 2.888 x 10^23

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