• Verjus is the unfermented juice of unripe wine grapes. Its tart taste makes it suitable for use in place of vinegar in dressings, marinades and the like.
  • Verjus has a distinctive flavor that you won't find in any other source. Verjus is a French term that when translated into English mean “green juice.” It is a medieval condiment that was once a staple of French provincial cooking and is now enjoying a worldwide revival. Verjus is made from semi-ripe and unfermented wine grapes. The grapes are hand-picked from the vine during a period called veraison, when the grapes change in color and the berries begin to soften enough to press. Sugars at this harvest can range between 13 and 15 brix. Because verjus is made from wine grapes and shares the same acid-base as wine, it is an elegant and delicate alternative to vinegar and lemon juice as it is “wine friendly” and will not distort the essence of the wine you serve.
  • In french, verjus means green juice . It is favourable juice made from grapes. Verjus is less intense than vinegar.
  • a green juice

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