• You may have to be a little more specific. What kind of firewall do you have, hardware, software, brand, model, etc. And what exactly do you want to unblock?
  • If you're behind a firewall and want to surf the internet, download Tor. It will slow your connection down but you will be able to go anywhere and do anything.
  • The same way that you went in and locked it? LOL
  • ahhh why?
  • All boils to what type of f/w u have as diff f/w's have diff ways of blocking and unblocking.
  • there are many ways. 1) Calculator or paint! go to calculator or paint then go to help tab and to help topics. In new window go to file>>jump to url. then type your website there and hit enter. This helps sometimes. 2) https:// for example you wanna get on just type in your address bar: Then if your computer asks you to view unsecure content or no, click yes or ok. at my school this method doesn't work. :( 3) Ip address. Go to notepad: start>>all programs>>accesories> >notepad. In notepad type: and save it as cmd.bat then open it and it will open the black window. In that window type: ping then hit enter. find the numbers that are next to reply, and type them in your browser. 4)Google cache. Go to google and type website you want to access. then find result that says a small "cache" text and click on IT, not on a big link! Then you'll see a litle different website, its just a cached website. But sometimes school blocks the google search, and thats bad. 5) Google translate. Go to google translate then scroll down to translate url, type your website there and hit translate. Note. Dont change the language! It has to be Spanish to English!!!! Thats the best ways to get to any blocked site.
  • If you are using windows XP, go to Control Panel then Windows Firewall. Now select the "Off" option.

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