• I think his perspective was more in line with making dangerous choices like not being afraid to ask a pretty girl for a date, etc. I don't believe he meant bungy jumping or sjydiving all the time or walking too close to the edge of a cliff. I think from the perspective I mentioned there is truth in not being afraid to take a risk or you may wind up letting the world pass you by.
  • I think there is some truth to it...adventure, the path less traveled... : ) I was in the Traffic Division of SDPD for a number of years, I rode motorcycles, horses, backpacked. I drive I became a Medicine Woman, which included facing some interesting challenges...not all of the day to day world. Trained problem horses and dogs. Fell in love... ; )
  • I think it's an idea that's easily interpreted in unhelpful ways. If you take this to mean you should be putting your life at risk on a regular basis, that would be an example of a poor interpretation, I think. To "live dangerously" in a GOOD way means to challenge complacency, habit, conventional notions... to live with a commitment that each moment is a new opportunity to discover life freshly. We're too easily seduced by the comfortable, the familiar, the habitual... to put ourselves on autopilot and glide through the days without an awareness that this is our REAL life... that there's no substitute for engaging it fully and participating 100%... that there's nothing to hold back for. Someone who keeps waking themselves up to appreciating life fully and who won't settle for "going through the motions" is living dangerously.
  • I think by "dangerously", his meaning may be closer to "thoughtfully" or individually/idiosyncratically, not behaviourally recklessly. Yes?
  • i dont do anything dangerous

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