• Massive amounts of time. A little vision. A decent C++ compiler and the SDK of your choosing is also important. Get the Microsoft VS 2005 C++ compiler off that page - it's free. Learn C++, then deconstruct some games off SDK's, then learn those SDK's, then plan a game and build it. (easier said than done). Just know, if you aren't already a's unlikely that you'll make it far. You can, but it takes tremendous dedication and a natural ability & desire for the work. Most people aren't wired for it, and you should feel lucky if that's the case. Really. Best wishes.
  • Go to your local book store and look in the programming section. One book I have is "Black are of 3D Games Programming".
  • 1. an understanding of logic gates and computer programming 2. a computer able to handle games 3. programming software that you can use to both write and compile a game 4. time, desire, inspiration, and motivation to do so
  • You will need to get a development kit (SDK) for the platform you want to make a game for. This will most likely involved getting a license from the manufacturer of the platform. Games require programming, musical composition, and graphics. A typical commercial game will cost close to 10 million dollars for a cheap game and some high end games such as S-E RPG games 20 mill and up. Game Design 1. Scenario/Game Concepts Game Development 2. Programming 3. Graphics/Artwork 4. Music/sound effects Mastering 5. Debug 6. Submission 7. Debug 8. Gold Master Publishing 9. Duplication 10. Distribution Concurently with promotional and advertising activities.
  • what do I need to make my own games

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