• For one thing, it is a multi-billion dollar industry, and is very expensive to buy and operate this type of equipment. I still go every now and then, and I also seen bowling alleys close as well.
  • I go bowling - it's fun. Overpriced alcohol, but fun. Get a few couples together and have the guys against the girls and you're in for a hilarious night.
  • We go bowling occasionally. Now that smoking is banned, we are likely to go more often.
  • It's overpriced, but it's still fun. I agree with retroglide, now that smoking is banned, I'm more likely to go with my son now. He's 4 and can't get enough. I'm sure we'll be going more often.
  • My local bowling alleys (all 2 of them) in England are usually packed whenever I go, the industry doesn't seem to be doing too badly, but then there isn't a lot of competition for them. Personally I don't like bowling, I always lose, and I'm a sore loser! My ball throwing technique could use some practice I bowls are not dissimilar to the way I'd throw a ball through a netball hoop.
  • love bowling,we get a group together about once a month and throw some balls, it's a nice change from time to time.

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