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  • Yea, theres always a chance even if he didnt enter you. And, you can get pregnant any time of the month. Be safe use condoms and go on the pill so you dont need to worry about this stuff
  • While it is not as likely, you can still get pregnant even though he didn't cum. But guys can have pre-ejaculation before climaxing which could get a girl pregnant.
  • There is a low chance you could get pregnant from this type of behavior. Men release a fluid often referred to as pre-ejaculate or precum. This fluid can contain sperm. If it comes into contact with the woman's vulva (outer genitals), there is a slight chance that the sperm can fertilize the egg. Obviously if penetration is involved the odds are slightly increased (although not nearly as high as they would be if he ejaculated inside you). It is also important to be aware that this type of behavior can lead to the transmission of STIs including HIV/AIDS. It is really important to use a condom each and every time to significantly reduce the risk of pregnancy and disease. For more information on contraception see the following page:
  • Yes there is a chance. And the proper term to use in such a pulic forum would be 'ejaculate'. Porn language just isn't appropriate for questions or answers.
  • There's a slight chance. Even half a drop of pre-ejaculate fluid on the outside of your vulva could find its way in. They're determined little puppies, those sperm cells. Stay celibate until your next period, and then follow RockerChick23's advice.

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