• Not in most cases. There are those who simply don't care...anti-social, but I think that almost everyone is completely aware of the "goodness" or "badness" of their actions.
  • Sometimes, but not always. They may rationalise their evil by their world views, but I do believe that most know they have done wrong. If they believed it was right, they would confess proudly, like the Nazi heads did. Instead, most of the most evil people in the world just don't care what damage they do because they believe that the end justifies the means. Besides, they like what they are doing.
  • Not really. Maybe some, but most find excuses to justify what they just plain ol' like to do.
  • Not ignorant. Not bothered would be closer. They are often ignorant, but not of the good/bad nature of the act. The ignorance exists in other areas and is used to excuse or rationalise the act to the perpetrator. For that reason, ignorance is no defence in law. As others have answered, some are delusional enough to believe their acts are in some way 'right'. They usually end up like a friend of mine who recently thought it would be the best thing in the world, and the answer to all his problems, to kill the neighbours. He's not evil, just ill and because of this he might have committed an evil act, while being convinced it was 'for the best'. I should say here that I believe far more evil is done by the mentally sound than the mentally ill. Whatever the mental state, I think most people, have a good idea of right and wrong, but won't stop themselves in their actions because for them, the perceived rewards are too great.
  • No. I think they know.

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